Нови мини дампер MT-500P

нови мини дампер MT-500P
нови мини дампер MT-500P
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нови мини дампер MT-500P слика 3
нови мини дампер MT-500P слика 4
нови мини дампер MT-500P слика 5
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Тип:  мини дампер
Година на производство:  2022
Работни часови:  10 м/ч
Локација:  Чехија ŽEBRÁK
Датум на објавување:  9.6.2024
Machineryline ID:  PK36119
Состојба:  нов

Дополнителни информации — Нови мини дампер MT-500P

The MT-500 is a mini-dumper equipped with four wheels, with a solid steel structure. It is designed with motor, batteries and other component protected to work in construction, demolitions and industry. It is also useful in agriculture, and in garden building works. The full control with reduced effort of the skip emptying operation is granted by the “Easy tipping lever”. The “Performance” version here described, is suitable for particularly heavy works and is equipped with high load motor axles and hours meter (ideal for rental situations). Anchor points for the machine lifting are included in the standard version.


Loading capacity on flat surfaces: MT-500 S 400 Kg – MT-500 P 500 Kg
Max gradient: 20%
Forward speed: fast 5 km/h – slow 2,5 km/h
Reverse speed: fast 3 km/h – slow 1,5 km/h
Battery recharge: approx. 8 hrs.
AGM battery: 2 x 12V/85 Ah C20
Electric motor: MT-500 S 24V / 900 Watt DC S1 – MT-500 P 24V / 1200 Watt AC S2 60 min
Length: 1680 mm
Width: 780 mm
Height: 990 mm
Weight: 200 kg
Dashboard display: MT-500 S Remaining battery charge, equipment failures – MT-500 P Remaining battery charge, equipment failures, hour meter
Battery charger: On board 13A high frequency
Speed control: hand accelerator
Parking brake: Electromagnetic
Oil bath differential
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